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The ExAC Trainer in Somaliland

Last November, the midwives Ayaan Hassan, Nana Gilmore and Elin Erland was teaching emergency obstetrics in Gabiley west of Hargeisa in Somaliland. As a part of the program, they brought the ExAC Trainer to train health care workers performing external aortic compression.


In Gabiley, they conducted four days of training for 32 midwives and two days of training for 25 nurses and midwife students. The participants highly appreciated the chance to practice external aortic compression using the ExAC Trainer.

After the training, the ExAC Trainer was brought to the local youth center, where it was used as a part of a first-aid course. An enthusiastic young crowd learned how to reduce abdominal bleeding in trauma settings by using external aortic compression.


The possibilities for carrying the ExAC Trainer on the back proved to be useful when transporting the manikin to the hospital.

We are deeply impressed by the dedication demonstrated by Ayaan, Nana and Elin. And we are of course very proud to see that the ExAC Trainer can be a part of their mission for safer births!





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