ExAC’s founder, Grethe Heitmann, has her background as an anesthesiologist. She currently works at one of Norway’s largest hospitals.  For years she has had a desire to understand why, and even more importantly, how to help the  300 000 women who die yearly during childbirth.

As a part of her training in obstetric anesthesia, she visited hospitals in both Malawi and Brazil.  As a result of this yearning desire to make a difference she founded  ExAC in 2019.  ExAC aims  to specifically equip healthcare workers to handle large bleedings after delivery (postpartum hemorrhage).

ExAC is in the process of developing a digital educational program as well as  medical and training equipment to achieve the goal of reducing maternal mortality.  ExAC has established a large network of partners and coworkers to achieve these goals.

"To save a mother does not only save a life, but also the future of her children."

Grethe Heitmann

Severe bleeding after delivery (postpartum hemorrhage, PPH) is a serious obstetric emergency and is the single most important cause of maternal mortality globally. Research has shown that deaths caused by PPH are preventable if recognized early.

WHO recommends manual aorta compression to achieve a temporary reduction in bleeding before and during definitive treatment.