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ExAC in the media

External aortic compression in postpartum haemorrhage

(Norwegian) ExAC was invited to present external aortic compression in the Norwegain Journal for Gyneocologists.


Aortic compression can save lives

(Norwegian) Coverage by NRK on ExAC and the implementation of external aortic compression in education and professional practice


Norwegian medic brings project that fights postpartum hemorrhage to Espírito Santo


(Portuguese) ExAC is in colaboration with the Federal University of Espírito Santo in Brazil training health professionals to implement external aortic compression. Article from Folha Vitória


Training at Unimed Maternity to fight postpartum haemorrhage

(Portuguese) Unimed, the largest private medical cooperation in Brazil, invited ExAC to teach external aortic compression. Bulletin from Unimed in Vitória.


The vital manikin of Fredrikstad-medic Grethe is going global

(Norwegian) Interview with Grethe Heitmann, CEO in ExAC on Women's Day before departing for the first WHO World Summit on PPH in history.  Article in Fredrikstad Blad


Time to dust off this manoeuvre! 

(Norwegian) Presentation of ExAC and external aortic compression in the Norwegain Journal for Midwives.


A handy grip at Kalnes

(Norwegian) As the only hospital in Norway, Østfold Hospital Trust at Kalnes has reduced the number of severe postpartum haemorrage after the introduction of external aortic compression. Article from Fredrikstad Blad.

Skjermbilde 2023-06-19 134558.jpg

This fist can save many lives

(Norwegian) Østfold Hospital Trust has experienced the benefits of external aortic compression. Now, the manouvre is being taught to health professionals world wide through ExAC. Article from NRK.


State hospital participates in project with Norway

(Portuguese) The largest maternity ward in the Grand-Vitoria area received training in external aortic compression and participate in the colaboration between UFES and ExAC. State Authority of Health in Espirito Santo.

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