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What we do

Our vision

is to implement external aortic compression as a standard procedure in all medical services worldwide to reduce morbidity, mortality, and cost driving treatment due to severe postpartum haemorrhage (PPH) and severe bleeding in the lower abdominal area.

Our mission

is to raise awareness, provide education and produce medical devices that reduce PPH and enhance the efficacy of the maneuver.

is to establish ExAC as the global reference for products and services related to external aortic compression.

Our goal

Dissemination of knowledge


ExAC collaborates with various research institutions, hospitals and NGOs in relation to the early application of external aortic compression in the management of PPH.   

We provide education, lectures and training in external aortic compression and the treatment of PPH.    


The ExAC Trainer is the first manikin in the world for training external aortic compression and uterine massage. The trainer can be purchased by health services and others that wish to enhance confidence, knowledge and ability among health care personnel to perform these maneuouvres in the management of PPH. 

Medical-technical equipment

In collaboration with research institutions, ExAC is developing various IP protected products that will enhance the efficacy of external aortic compression. These will be launched from 2024 and onwards. 

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