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ExAC in Sierra Leone

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

In November 2021 Ann Morris, project coordinator in ExAC, visited Masanga Hospital in Sierra Leone. ExAC was invited by the NGO, CapaCare to conduct training of present and former students in the management of postpartum haemorrhage with focus on External Aortic Compression. The ExAC Trainer and educational program was evaluated with great success. The ExAC Trainer was also presented at Magburaka Government Hospital after an invitation from Dr Maarten Glas who works at the hospital for Doctors without Borders. Dr Glas has been using and teaching external aortic compression for years and published an article about the subject in 2007 in Dutch and 2008 in English.

Surgical Training Program (STP) course at Masanga Hospital, Nov 2021 Fatima Marah, Emerica Jonah, Lamin Bassie, Sheka Mohamed Kamara, Abdulai Moriba Lahun, Augustine Charley, Jusu Musa Ailigie
Continuous development Course, Masanga Hospital Nov. 2021 Lamin Bassie, Peter Robert Mboma, Ann Morris, Mohamed Munhu Dauda, Julius Justin


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