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ExAC Trainer at Stavanger University Hospital

We are proud to announce that the University Hospital in Stavanger, Norway has purchased the ExAC Trainer!

Clinical midwifery supervisor at the Women´s Clinic, Trude Thommesen, tells that when renting the ExAC Trainer in the spring of 2023, they were able to train 220 professionals in external aortic compression. With a new Extended Quality System on postpartum hemorrhage in place, there has been a need for recurrent and repetitive training. “As new personnel have arrived at our department during the summer and fall of 2023, they want to learn and practice external aortic compression. We also have other departments in the hospital and external partners such as the University of Stavanger requesting presentations and possibilities for practicing with the ExAC Trainer.”


Stavanger University Hospital expects that the ExAC Trainer will help to reduce severe postpartum hemorrhage. “We want to increase the awareness and knowledge about external aortic compression and train as many as possible!”, Trude says.


ExAC is honored to be able to contribute to improving maternity care at Stavanger University Hospital. We wish Trude and all her colleagues all the best and we are looking forward to further updates on the results of the training!


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