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Workshops at Stavanger University Hospital

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Stavanger University Hospital is offering workshops in aortic compression. Midwives, doctors and child nurses in the maternity wards as well as nurses and anaesthesiologists in the intensive care unit are invited to participate.

The workshop consists of a short theoretical introduction followed by a practical exercise with the ExAC Trainer. Almost 30 health professionals participated in the training the first day, and after four days, more than 60 had attended the training! Many participants reported that they experienced an “aha” moment realizing that this is not rocket science, but a practical measure which buys time and save lives.

ExAC Trainer External aortic compression
Trude Thommesen supervising Caroline Ziesler with the ExACTrainer

Clinical midwifery supervisor at the Women Clinic, Trude Thommesen, has initiated and coordinates the training. She has extensive experience in using aortic compression:

“I have used aortic compression in various low-income countries, as well as here at Stavanger University Hospital. Not long ago, we had a situation of severe postpartum haemorrhage. The woman was bleeding both from a large tear and from uterus. I performed aortic compression while another midwife was compressing the tear. On the way to the operating room, I was able to both communicate with, and observe the woman. At the same time, the midwife compressing the tear could communicate with me and inform me when to press a little harder if the bleeding was increasing. When transferring the patient to the operating table, there were a few moments without aortic compression, as I had to change with the anaesthesiologist who continued to apply the pressure. Later on the woman said: ‘I was so scared when you let go, I felt all the blood pouring out of me. I thought; now I'm dying… ´. This made a deep impression."

ExAC Trainer External aortic compression
Therese Egenæs practices external aortic compression

She also explains the immediate effects of the training: "In addition, we have - unfortunately - after the training started had situations in the ward with severe bleeding and where aortic compression has been performed. The staff are excited and happy to have performed aortic compression and experienced that this has brought the situation under control.”

ExAC is excited to see how the ExAC Trainer is a helpful device for improving professional practice related to postpartum haemorrhage.


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