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WHO PPH Summit 7-10 March 2023

For the first time in history, the WHO has organized a summit on the management of postpartum haemorrhage(PPH). 146 participants from over 50 countries were invited to Dubai and Grethe Heitmann from ExAC was one of them.

Despite the efforts and investments made to reduce maternal mortality, we are lagging behind regarding the fulfillment of the 2030 Agenda Sustainable Development Goals. Agenda. objectives to reduce maternal mortality globally, before the target set for 2030- is reached, and a change in strategy is needed. 140 million women give birth each year, 14 million develop severe bleeding and 70,000 of these die. Bleeding after childbirth is the single most important cause of women dying related to pregnancy and childbirth - and it is preventable.

Renowned researchers, representatives from ministries of health, WHO, UN, international professional associations, NGOs, donors and a few innovators have been gathered. All with the same goal of making it safe to give birth.

For 4 days, we worked on which important research questions that should be prioritized, which parts of the guideline for the management of PPH that should be prioritized for updating, new innovations and research results, as well as implementing strategies and advocacy.

I was given an additional opportunity to present both the ExAC Trainer and the one of our MedTech devices.

The use of external aortic compression has been put on the agenda.

Thanks to WHO for the well-planned and executed Summit.

Thanks to MSD for Mothers and the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation who have made this summit possible.


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