• Grethe Heitmann

ExAC simulation doll is used to train anesthetic personnel.

Updated: Apr 10

Training for emergency situations improves quality of care and enhances the confidence of the healthcare workers. Østfold Hospital Trust implemented external aortic compression a few years ago and the PPH simulation training has been conducted without a simulation doll designed for training on aortic compression. This year is the first time anesthetic nurses and anesthesiologist-in-training can practice on a simulation doll where they can perform the maneuver and evaluate how to reposition the fist in case of inadequate effect. All together 43 anesthetic nurses and 10 anesthesiologist-in-training have been trained over a period of three weeks. They were all asked to evaluate the simulation doll's usefulness for practicing external aortic compression related to postpartum hemorrhage and it was given an average score of 9,8 out of10 points. 52 of 53 answered that the simulation training increased the likelihood of them performing external aortic compression if indicated in a clinical situation.