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External aortic compression at OAA Scientific meeting in Edinburgh

Updated: May 22, 2023

This year external aortic compression was the topic in four abstracts at the OAA Scientific meeting in Edinburgh the 18th. and 19th. of May. The abstract "Effect of external aortic compression on bleeding volume in an experimental pig model" was selected to be presented among the 10 best abstracts in the Felicity Reynolds Free Papers. Grethe Heitmann also presented "Effect of external aortic compression on contrast distribution below the compressed area in an experimental pig model". Both based on work done at Norwegian University of Life Science. Andreas Lervik and Hege Kippenes Skogmo from Norwegian University of Life Science and Magdalena Værnesbranden from Østfold Hospital Trust were co-authors.

The feedback after the Felicity Reynolds presentation was overwhelmingly and there was a major interest for the use of external aortic compression in the management of PPH..

Bethlehem Shiferaw Loulseged came all the way from Ethiopia to present "Impact of simulation training of external aortic compression and uterine massage on management of postpartum hemorrhage: a study in Addis Ababa". An e-poster based on the first data collection from the ongoing implementation research in cooperation with Ann-Chatrin Leonardsen at Østfold University College.

Ove Karlsson presented ”Postpartum hemorrhage, improving care and better results”. Presenting the change in the incidence of PPH after a bundle of care, including external aorta compression, was implemented at Sahlgrenska University Hospital .

Thanks to OAA for a well organized meeting.


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